Pregnancy – Before, During & After

First of all congratulations on your pregnancy. Whether it is your first pregnancy or your tenth, it is an incredible journey you are undergoing. And thanks for letting us make that journey easier and more comfortable for you!

During pregnancy your body will undergo incredible changes. As your baby grows and develops, so too will your body change and adapt. Because of the increased pressure and strain that pregnancy brings, it is common for women, particularly towards the end of pregnancy, to experience aches and pains, especially pelvic, back, and hip pain. Part of this is absolutely normal, as hormones in your body cause your ligaments to stretch, and your pelvis to spread as you prepare for the delivery.

However often the pain occurs before the later stages, or inhibits movement, and diminishes the joy that can accompany your pregnancy. Previous injuries or postural problems can re-occur, and the pain or pelvic instability can be debilitating.

Osteopathic care and support can help with many of the symptoms that occur during pregnancy. We also work to prepare your body for delivery, ensuring pelvic mobility is optimal, ensuring respiration is free and easy, and checking that no other biomechanical alterations will hinder you as you labour. As well as appropriate and safe treatment, we provide expert advice about postural changes and exercises that can help both you and your developing baby. The more comfortable you are and the more mobile you remain, the better for everyone.

Don’t suffer through your pregnancy, call the osteopath for caring, empathetic, and supportive care during your pregnancy.

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