About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a safe, effective, and gentle form of manual therapy. NZ trained osteopaths hold Masters level degrees, and every registered osteopath in NZ must undertake courses each year in order to improve their clinical knowledge and skills.

Our approach is to look at each person as an individual, listening carefully throughout the case history, and taking into consideration lifestyle factors such as posture and work habits that often have a significant impact. By looking at the contributing factors, we tailor-make the treatment and rehabilitation programme for each individual to ensure the most appropriate programme meaning a fast and effective recovery. We don’t want you to have to come for treatment week in and week out, instead we work together to get results.

Osteopaths are hands on manual therapists. This means our primary mode of treatment involves the application of manual techniques aimed at stretching, mobilising, and balancing. As well as the treatment received, we always offer expert advice on lifestyle alterations such as exercise and posture alteration.

The Principles of Osteopathy are what is at its very core, they are what we as osteopaths use in each and every consultation and what makes us unique. They include a belief that the body has an inherent ability to heal and regulate itself, and it is the disruption of these mechanisms that causes disease and dysfunction. We also believe that there is often a somatic or body component to disease. Lastly we believe that the structure of the body and how it performs are reciprocally interrelated.

How many times will I see an osteopath?

The number of sessions is dependent on your presenting complaint. Minor aches and sprains can usually be resolved with good management within 1-3 sessions. However more complex or chronic conditions may take longer. We work very hard here at OsteOasis to ensure that our diagnosis and treatment is specific and appropriate, we get you better as quickly as possible!

Your osteopath should always discuss with you at the onset of treatment the expected time frame for your treatment.

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