Mother & Baby Clinic

Welcome to the OsteOasis Mother and Baby Clinic, where we specialize in the treatment of pregnant women, babies, and children. Our practitioners are experienced, well trained, and dedicated to providing the best possible care for you and your child.

Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy can bring relief from low back and pelvic pain, prepare your body for delivery, and help facilitate a speedy recovery post-partum. Because at OsteOasis we have have a particular focus on pregnancy, you can be assured that treatment will be safe and effective during your pregnancy, and our osteopaths can offer useful advice, encouragement, and support throughout.

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Going through the birthing process can be traumatic and difficult for a newborn baby, and osteopathic treatment is a gentle and effective way to ensure the tension that can be created is released, allowing baby to grow and develop without negative strain patterns. Osteopathy can also help with many common symptoms such as reflux, colic, unsettled babies, tongue-tie, feeding issues, and much more.

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Toddlers and older children can really benefit from osteopathic treatment also, whether they are athletic, as a means to ensure good motor programming, or to release the results of injury.

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