About Rebecca

Rebecca McKay-Watts

MOst (Honours), BAppSci HB

I always wanted to help people in some way, and when I found osteopathy via a family members injury, I felt that osteopathy offered the freedom, and healthcare approach that suited me best. I love being in a profession that can help someone make a positive change in their health and lives, and the ‘light bulb’ health moments are what keep me interested, learning, and passionate.

I believe that osteopaths are in a unique position in rehabilitation and healthcare by being able to spend more time with our clients, really listen to what they are saying, and look at the body as a whole, and not reduce the presenting complaint to the site of pain. In this way our diagnosis is informed and cohesive, and our solutions can be functional and effective.

As well as general osteopathy, I specialise in the treatment of pregnant women, newborns, and children. I have worked and gained experience in this field in several osteopathic clinics with a focus on this area, and I have attended several courses both in obstetrics and paediatrics.

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