About Us

Founded by Rebecca McKay-Watts, OsteOasis offers exceptional care to each and every client. We pride ourselves on long treatments, individualised care, quick results, and always striving for excellence. We are confident that each and every client will be listened to, get a personalised treatment and rehabilitation plan, and be treated with care, respect and empathy. We know that being in pain, or having an issue you are seeking our help with can be scary and difficult, and our amazing osteopaths are well trained, passionate, and continue professional development each and every year. 

We always strive to look for the root cause of a problem, and not merely treat the symptoms. By identifying and working on the root cause the problem resolves more fully and finally. We are passionate about working with you in order to achieve your health goals and outcomes. If this is running a marathon, or simply being able to lift your child without pain, we aim to achieve these in the shortest time frame possible.

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