Toddlers & Older Children

With younger toddlers and children recurrent ear infections, and glue ear can be problematic and distressing, and can result in the insertion of Grommets. Often recurrent ear infections can be assisted by the osteopath improving the lymphatic drainage of the ears, nose, and throat and releasing any muscular or joint tensions that can affect the drainage of the ears.

Learning to crawl, walk, and run is a part of life and development, and inevitably involves lots of falls, bumps, and bruises. Although this is natural, and most often not serious, getting your child checked and treated after any significant injuries ensures that there are no lasting effects of a nasty bump.

Children are hardy, resilient, and generally pretty mobile. If your child complains of pain or begins to limp this is not something to shrug off. Children should recover from injury pretty quickly, but if they do not or complain of pain for more than a few days without obvious injury, this can be a sign of a more serious problem and should always be checked by a health care practitioner.

For older children, particularly athletes, it is important that they are checked annually by an osteopath, as good biomechanics re crucial in ensuring good movement patterns. This can decrease the risk of injuries and stress induced strains. Adolescent athletes are at particular risk due to the strains placed on vulnerable growing tissues.

As your child grows and develops, it can be great peace of mind for parents to get them checked annually or six-monthly by an osteopath to make sure that they are in good alignment, that they are developing well, and that there are no tension patterns that could affect the way that they develop gait and movement patterns.

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