The birthing process, whether it was a natural delivery or intervention was necessary is one of the most significant events that we go through during our lives, and the pressure exerted on the delivering baby is enormous. A post-birth osteopathic check up is a great opportunity to identify any issues or strains that may be causing your baby discomfort, pain or distress. We recommend a check up any time after 2 weeks old. If there is a specific problem such as feeding, sleeping, or digestive issues then earlier is recommended, however after 2 weeks they have settled a little at home, and mums will be able to pick up traits and issues during this time that we can help with.

To help with the post-birth check up we offer a Free Baby Check as an option. This 15 minute free session gives us a chance to identify if there are any concerns or issue the parents have noticed, and assess whether osteopathic treatment will help resolve the issue and support both the baby and family. Please call reception (09) 630-0067 to book a free baby check as these are not available in the online bookings.

As well as a post-birth check, some of the issues that osteopathic treatment can help with are complaints such as trouble winding, colic, reflux, excessive spilling, feeding issues associated with tongue-tie, latch, or sucking issues, head shape asymmetries, sleeping issues, glue ear, constipation, and unsettled, grisly babies. Because osteopathic treatment is gentle, parents often comment how relaxing it looks, and the baby often falls asleep during a session. Osteopathy works by supporting the body’s own self-healing mechanisms, and with some gentle and subtle techniques applied to the problematic areas, the strain patterns and tight spots relax and resolve, allowing restoration of a happy, relaxed baby.



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