About Lorelei

Lorelei Messersmith

MOst, BAppSci HB

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I was introduced to Osteopathy in the UK, when I injured my shoulder learning how to kitesurf.  I was impressed with the speed of my recovery and the multi-faceted approach that the osteopath took to reduce my pain and aid in my recovery.  When I moved to New Zealand, I was re-introduced to osteopathy after I had my oldest daughter.  Getting both myself and my daughter treated for latching difficulties had a huge positive impact on the early years of motherhood; because she fed easily after treatment, feeding was far less stressful and became something I looked forward to sharing with her.

I have a special interest in helping ease the transition of becoming a new family by helping to allow the mother’s body to best adapt to pregnancy, birth and after, and helping the new little people adapt physically to life outside the womb.  I love that the profession is inherently focused on finding the health of each person we see by finding and treating the root cause of the person’s symptoms while respecting each person’s individuality and humanity.

I finished my clinical studies in 2012 and regularly spend time in a specialty clinic in Palmerston North furthering my knowledge in to gentle and effective examination, diagnosis and treatment of babies, pre and post natal women, children, as well as the rest of the community. I have also taken several postgraduate courses in paediatric and general osteopathy, and keep up to date on recent research involving primary care and nutrition.  I am so excited to be working at OsteOasis in Auckland with the wonderfully supportive community of health professionals at Mother-Well.